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Welcome to the Innovate Vancouver membership page for the Strategic Plan Generator. Three different levels of membership are available. These are explained below and include Free (30-days), Silver, & Gold Memberships. 

Free Membership

You get unlimited access for 30-days to free membership content which includes review of the Strategic Plan Generator's Process Map, Leadership Model Canvas, and access to an overview of Business Canvas Tools available in paid memberships.

Price: Free!

You can register for a Free Membership or pay for one of the following membership options

Silver Membership

The following paid memberships are also available providing access to extra content, tools, and a membership discussion group monitored by Innovate Vancouver.

Silver Membership

The Silver Account Membership has access to all the free content in addition access to each of the individual Business Canvas Tools available in the Strategic Plan Generator. Each of these tools can be actively explored, completed, and printed from the website. Keep a copy for your files!

Gold Membership

The Gold Account Membership has access to all the content available in the Free and Silver Account Memberships as well as a Member Discussion Forum monitored by Innovate Vancouver. As a bonus members with this account will have access to a Strategic Plan Generator linked to all the previous tools and resources. Additional articles are also available to expand the members understanding of how each of the tools is to be used.

Strategic Ecosystems

Strategic planning is not done in isolation. It is done with consideration of existing opportunities, industry benchmarks, and leading research. The result is a carefully crafted strategic plan that incorporates all the business' resources, assets, and competencies. If you haven't had a chance to read the introduction to the Strategic Plan Generator we would recommend you do so.
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