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"It is my pleasure to recommend Travis. We work with many like clients. Travis is professional, he works with some challenging clients and does so superlatively. He is an expert in his area and we respect and learn so much from him. He is of highest integrity especially with highly confidential information. His agency is one of my favorites to work with." - Linda

"Travis is a caring individual with a sense of humor. Travis also has exceptional administrative and organizational skills which make him a considerable asset for any business or company. During the times we worked together I found Travis to be pleasant, dependable, efficient and productive, well able to juggle the twin concerns of patient care and organizational necessity." - Norman

"I had the privilege working along side Travis with Developmentally Disable Adults.Travis had made significant contributions to the team. Travis is very professional and thorough in his work. Travis has impeccable follow through ensuring a standard of great quality." - Todd

"Travis is a great thinker and a very skillful writer. While i was working with him...., i very much enjoyed his measured professional communication that was spiced with a sense of humor. It was great to have had a chance to work with Travis." - Anthony

"Travis is exceptionally bright and his orientations towards project management have been a real asset to me in the past few years. I have used him as a consultant to assist in organizational development and the suggestions he offered were spot on!" - Tamara