Innovate Vancouver is a business development & consulting service and technology startup located in Vancouver, BC. Contact Innovate Vancouver to help with your new project. Innovate Vancouver also gives back to the community through business consulting services. Contact us for more details.

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Business Modelling & Design

Let us help you to evaluate your business model, processes, workflow, environment, customer requirements, and opportunities. 

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Business Planning & Analysis

Let us help you identify the best tools, resources, and opportunities to reach your goals. 

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Project Design & Management

Let us help you to identify the best tools and resources to leverage existing skills, competencies, and strengths. 

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Marketing & Public Relations
Identify the tools and skills needed to improve your visibility, brand, and reputation.
Change Management & Team Development
Identify the tools to inspire, motivate,evaluate, train, and lead your business to take advantage of new opportunities and business areas.
Innovation & Product/Service Design
Identify the strategies and models to help your team to better identify, evaluate, and implement new tools & ideas. Improve on current offerings. Better serve existing customers. Expand your market.
Social Media & Website Design
Identify the tools and platforms that will help your business engage your customers and extend your business' voice.
Research & Data Analysis
Identify the tools to help your business better understand your market, customer's changing needs, and your business' product/service market fit.
Community & Board Engagement
Identify the tools to help your business establish satisfying, creative, and engaged stakeholders.


"His role as Community Development......has made significant contributions to the Executive Committee. He is detail oriented, organized and responsible. His strong public relations, communication and campaign skills have strengthened the [organization's] social media channels. Travis is an example of great leader." - Bill
"Travis has brought a unrivaled level of professionalism to his approach and work with [the organization]. Travis brings a wealth of practical background in the not for profit world and combines this with being up to date on current literature and best practices... Travis worked on key strategies...Travis has been instrumental in project management and has helped the team stay focused and progressing." - Darren
"I have had the pleasure of working with Travis since joining the [team]. Travis is a very driven and detail-oriented individually who has been a proven success for our [organization], at various levels. His work always focuses on delivering measurable outcomes, and his professional background and experience is evident in all of the work he has done." - Arthur