Who we are

A team that loves to create


The modern corporation coexists with others in an ever changing and dynamic landscape. In order to remain a viable and sustainable business leadership must co-create a shared vision that identifies & leverages opportunities, skills, and resources. Even when these exist, an unlimited wealth of knowledge and business tools will not change a business’ path for the better unless the prerequisite culture, architecture, values, and competencies are already in place.

Where industries see separate business models and context dependent tools we see themes, trends, and overlapping inter-dependencies. Similarly, where history is often viewed as a linear and iterative progression of ideas, lessons, and platforms we see leaps and starts, as well as radical departures upon which new (and often radical) paradigms are realized. Learning and growth is less about linear progression then it is about connecting the dots and bringing new ideas into creation.

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What we do

Keeping it simple


New Customers are offered a special one-time rate of $175.00 for 3-hours (a $225.00 Value). Our work is guaranteed to the complete satisfaction of the client. If the client is not completely satisfied with our services, we will either waive professional fees or accept a portion of those fees that reflect the client’s level of satisfaction

Current rates start at $75.00 an hr and 0.42 per km (within Vancouver city limits) or at the rate of service (if outside the city limits). Rates are higher for contracts requiring indemnity insurance and for groups/workshops (rates start at $300.00 hr). Payment is accepted in Cash, Business/Bank cheque, and Credit Card/Paypal.

Payment is due upon receipt of invoice. Bills shall be considered delinquent if unpaid for more than 30 days after their issuance. Interest shall accrue and a monthly finance charge of 18% will be applied to the outstanding balance after 30 days. This late charge is applicable to the unpaid balance as of the due date.



Additional Information


"Travis is highly skilled at team building. I have watched him analyze and synthesize information then provide solutions to complicated problems. Travis is well rounded in his knowledge of process management and people management. His skills are suited for the executive level. It has been a pleasure to share an office with Travis and learn from his highly skilled, analytical thinking process. Travis is a mentor and colleague that I hold in high regard." - Allen
"As the new [team member], Travis has made great strides to improve the outreach of the organization through various avenues from social media to special events to press releases to the media. He has pioneered many initiatives....... He is truly a pillar and driving force of the organization and his presence is invaluable to its operations. As the former Treasurer of [the organization], it is heartwarming to see that the organization continues to be good hands. " - Richard
"...I've come to appreciate his dedication and perseverance in all his endeavours; he often goes above and beyond what is expected of him and sees through that all his projects are completed to a high standard. By initiating original projects and by creating new strategies....., Travis has convincingly improved our organization's exposure and image in the community at large. He is passionate in commencing discussions on various topics through effective communication, and consistently demonstrates superb leadership qualities." - Yale