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Video: Complexity & Healthcare Systems Modelling

Finding the best way to implement healthcare in complex systems requires a larger vision. It requires a bird’s eye view of the system and the ability to recognize where opportunities exist. How to implement the 42 page report is still being debated but what is not are the evidence based practices and benchmarks referred to in the report. The downtown East Side Health Care Strategy is evaluated using a System’s Thinking approach.

I reviewed the report and coded the content for Strategy Domain x Subordinate Support Strategies x Shared Outcomes in an effort to delineate what areas are being emphasized in the report and what initial agency actions would provide the widest beneficial impact to the clients of the DTES area.

The following video clips provide an example of a System’s Thinking Approach to Healthcare Modelling

  • Overview of the strategy domains identified in the report.
  • Overview of the subordinate strategies identified to deliver value in each domain area.
  • Overview of a proposed model for identifying opportunities to integrate services across continuum(s), thereby implementing the bulk of the report’s suggestions.



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Healthcare Innovation and the implementation of coordinated planning across complex systems need to be customer driven, and not budget driven. I’ll let it to you to decide which is emphasized in the report. Your feedback and suggestions are welcomed below.


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